There’s always so much excitement when a plan comes together.
One minute you’re lying in bed
and the next you’re up scribbling ideas.
Human beings thrive on ideas,
that’s the distinct quality we possess.
We actually make things happen.
We sit down and conceive great ideas that when implemented,
have the capacity to transform the world.
Okay, so you’re positively riled up
about this great idea and you’re already putting measures in place to ensure it’s an astounding success when it hits you.
“It” is a negative four lettered word
emotion that has the capacity to
cripple a man no matter how
highly placed he is.
In case you haven’t figured “it” out,
“It” is “FEAR”.
Fear is the feeling that makes you stop to think,
“What if it’s a flop?”
“What if it isn’t accepted?”
“What if I’m just not good enough?”
Now that’s what you need to do.
Take a deep breath and relax.
If you were good enough to conceive the idea, then you have the capacity to make it happen.
Besides there are loads of people
you can partner with to
make your dream a reality.
You just need to find them.
The most important thing is the idea,
all the other things will fall in place.
Ideas rule the world and,
Sometimes some of the things
we fear are nonexistent…

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