Recently renowned singer and photographer, Toyin Sokefun Bello, better known as Ty Bello photographed Nigerian born British rapper, Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu, also better known as Tinie Tempah on the streets of Lagos.
          Apparently the UK based rapper was in Lagos to visit rural schools in a UNICEF sponsored project. While in Lagos he decided to do a shoot with the celeb photographer for a This Day Style feature. During the shoot something casual, turned incredible happened; a lady was walking around with her goods(bread) for sale and happened to walk into a shot.
           Well the incredible thing is that this rather casual occurrence was her claim to fame because Ty Bello felt it was a great image and decided to include it in the final selection. Everyone started asking if she was a model.
           You guessed right. She’s not! Ty Bello, gracious as she is, decided to look for this lady. An unspecified individual who was aware of the story via Facebook spotted the lady who was at the time wearing the same dress she wore in the picture and recounted the tale of Ty Bello’s search for her.
            Eventually she located Ty Bello. Her name is Jumoke Sunday, and guess what? She’s a 27 year old mother of two. That’s right and Ty Bello is thrilled. She says Jumoke has a very inspiring story and though she doesn’t speak English, Ty Bello and her team are enthusiastic about unfolding her story and helping her.
           Yes, there goes one more amazing transformation; a bread seller turned celebrity! You know, the next story can be yours. All you need to do is grab a few lessons from Jumoke. It’s quite obvious Jumoke is a hardworking lady and I bet she has the right attitude. Trust me, hard work and diligence can set you before Kings, however only a good attitude will ensure you get their favour.
          Be diligent in whatever you do and don’t forget to have a good attitude. All you’ll need afterwards is divine favour. It’s the kind of God help that sets you on the right path to meet the right people that will take you to heights you aren’t even qualified for! With this tip, the sky will be your starting point.


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