We’re All In This Together!


I’m in the middle of a service.
The truth is I just thought to
pick up my pen to write with
no specific end in mind.
I just have this unsettling feeling
in the pit of my stomach.
It’s a nagging feeling of discontentment, nothing that
has to do with having
no money or food to eat.
It’s a really uncomfortable feeling,
nothing that involves dissatisfaction
with my current lifestyle.
It’s a deeper feeling of
intense unhappiness with my
environment and my life as it is.
It’s choking me so much,
I need to jump out and escape
or I’ll be swallowed up in it.
At the same time I need to be
really careful so I don’t get
caught up in the wrong thing.
Hey, if you feel some sort of genuine
dissatisfaction about something,
I and so many others feel the
same way as you do.
We’re in it with you!
Just relax, be calm, talk to God
about exactly how you feel.
Look within pal, there’s
something peculiar about you.
Discover it and share it
with the world.
There’s no greater contentment
and fulfilment than that!
We’ll be cheering for you
on the sidelines!

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