It had been a long day at the office.
From one meeting to the next. There had barely been time to chat with a colleague or stop at McDonalds for a quick lunch. Her boss was really demanding these days.
She couldn’t blame him though, the workload had doubled for everyone since their share price increased.
Ultimately things were more than good at the office and in reality she couldn’t complain. She had also managed to slip out of work early.
Tiffany hurried as she neared her flat, the first sign of rain was visible in the clouds.
The thought of being drenched in the rain coupled with hunger pangs was not appealing to Tiff.
She got to her flat, opened the door and let herself in. She dropped her bag on the nearest chair, whispered a prayer of gratitude and dashed to the kitchen.
She came out with a tray containing a glass of apple juice and a plate of coconut rice with beef which she had microwaved.
Tiffany turned on the television and sat down.
She was watching her favorite afternoon programme, “Adventures Of Harry” when the power went out.
Tiff sighed and continued eating. She was just beginning to relax after a long day when the power cut.
She munched her food while thinking of Harry, her fiancee. He had been on TV a few minutes before the power outage.
He had been her life saver.
Tiff closed her eyes as memories of the past flooded her mind.
She was in the hospital room where her father had just died of heart failure. She had begged God to save the only family she had left but He hadn’t listened. Her dad had died in her arms.
She remembered him being so calm and content in the hours before his death.
She had been so despondent and confused.
“Why did God take away her father?” She had grown up without a mother but at least her father had been there for her. He was her best friend.
It wasn’t until she met Harry that she realized why. God needed her to trust Him solely, not her father, not Harry or anyone else.
In those difficult long days she had found strength and comfort in God! That had been a turning point for her.
She opened her eyes, now awashed
with tears. She wiped her face and smiled. She was happy and content.
She was about to stand up when she felt a gentle tug in her heart.
She had come to recognize that gentle tug as a signal that God was trying to tell her something.
She bent her head and whispered, “What is it Lord?”.
As soon as the words left her lips she felt a sudden urge to dash out of the house.
She didn’t think about it or question the sense in it. She had learnt to trust God’s leadings.
She hurried to her room, removed her shoes and slipped on a sandal. She picked an umbrella as it was already drizzling.
She hurried out of the house, umbrella overhead and whispered, “Which way Lord?”
She waited, looked left, then right, then left again.
A little rose 🌹 flower was on the left side of the road and she was drawn to it.
As she drew closer to the flower, it flew. She stopped and looked around, the flower had stopped beside a closed ice cream shop. She went toward the ice cream shop.
As she got closer to the shop, the flower flew to the end of the street and stopped behind a black Range Rover.
Tiff looked around, the street was deserted and the rain continued to pour lightly.
She walked to the end of the street, questioning the wisdom in following an odd looking rose 🌹 flower.
Getting no answers, she sauntered to the edge of the car where the flower lay. She looked heavenward, rolled her eyes and bent to pick the flower. Her fingers had barely brushed the flower when it flew to the air, slid the top of the car and landed on the windscreen.
Tiff sighed with exasperation. She was tired of playing this rose 🌹 flower game.
She was about turning to head home when she heard a groan.
She moved unsteadily to the driver’s side. What she saw made her blood grow cold.
A huge man was in the car severely injured with blood splattered all over him. His eyes were closed and for a minute Tiff thought he was dead until she heard him groan again.
Her senses fully alert and pulse racing, Tiff jerked the car door open. It was only then she noticed the windscreen was cracked in many places and the side glass had broken and cut deep into the man’s neck and shoulder.
Tiff was alarmed. More so when she discovered she hadn’t remembered to take her phone.
The man seemed oblivious to her presence. She rubbed his hands as she didn’t want to add to his pain.
Slowly he opened his eyes and looked at her. He blinked several times, apparently trying to focus. His mouth moved as though he wanted to say something. He struggled for awhile then finally whispered, “help me”.
Tiff heard him but she didn’t know what to do. She prayed out loud, “God I need you to help us out here”.
The man looked at her suddenly, “You think He’s gonna listen to you?”.
Before Tiff could form a constructive sentence he continued.
“I have two beautiful daughters. Precious is four years, Annabelle is two years old. I… begged God to not allow my wife, Sonya leave us but He didn’t listen. Sonya…. abandoned her family and took off with a pilot and they both crashed in the pacific.” He breathed deeply and groaned. Talking was obviously straining him but Tiff didn’t stop him. She knew suddenly why God had brought her out here.
Tiff nudged him and whispered, “Where are your girls?”
He looked tired but answered, “With my mum. I was just going to get them but the rain started and it was hazy. I wanted to stop but then I crashed.”
Tiff held his hand, “It’s going to be alright.”
He sighed. “Nothing’s alright. I’m dying and my little girls will be orphans. My mum is too old to cater for them.”
Tiff suddenly felt like she was losing him. “Look here Mr….”
“Jason” He supplied. “Jason Brooks”.
She continued. “Jason, Jesus loves you. He loves you so much. He didn’t want your wife to leave you but she had to make a choice. God doesn’t force His will on anyone. He loves your wife more than you could ever love her but sometimes when a person refuses to accept His help He can’t force them.”
“He should have let her live.” Jason muttered.
“Listen to me Jason. You know how gloomy and dark the clouds are when it rains?”
“Yeah. It’s dark cause the sun☀hides.”
“Well the sun doesn’t hide. Just above the clouds the sun☀is there, constant and waiting for the clouds to clear so it can shine brighter 🔆.”
“You think so?” Jason asked.
Tiffany prayed in her heart for God’s help.
All of a sudden Jason’s eyes brightened. He whispered, “You’re right.”
Tiffany followed his gaze and saw the clouds ☁ clearing and the sun ☀ breaking out. She smiled and sent up a prayer of thanks to God.
She rubbed Jason’s hands. “Jason, God’s love is as constant as the sun☀above the clouds ☁. His love is unconditional! It never goes away even when we reject it. God loves you Jason. He’s been looking out for you the whole time.”
“Really?” Jason asked with renewed hope.
Tiffany released his hand and backed away to get the rose 🌹 flower that still lay on the windscreen. She took his hand again.
“Jason, I live on the next street. I was at home getting ready to lie down when God told me to get out of the house. I did and He used this rose 🌹 flower to bring me here. He loves you Jason.”
Jason’s eyes spilled with tears. “And my daughters?”
“He will take care of your daughters. Where can I find them Jason?”
“Everything you need to locate them and all that belongs to them is in there.” He pointed to an enclosed file on the passenger seat. “I just got them from my lawyer.”
Tiffany squeezed his hand, “I promise you Jason I won’t allow any harm come to your girls.”
“What is your name?”
“You’re an angel. Thank you Tiffany. Please pray with me.”
Tiffany prayed with him and as she did she heard him breathe deeply and then, his pulse stopped.
She opened her eyes and saw his eyes were closed, there was a small smile on his face and he looked content and at peace. She smiled. He was finally free and at rest.
She grabbed the file and saw his phone. She dialed the emergency line and briefly explained what had happened.
She took the file, closed the door and walked to her house.
She looked up, the sun☀was still shining.
She smiled through her tears and sent up a prayer of thanksgiving and direction on what course to take to help Precious and Annabelle…

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