This morning I got out of bed quickly.
Of course it had been a long night &
I had tossed and turned for several hours until I finally drifted to sleep where my mind twirled with visions of the night.
At the crack of dawn,
I threw off the bed covers
and sauntered to the window.
I saw the moon quietly slipping into the clouds.
The sky drew me in,
it was usually blue and enchanting.
I gazed across the street,
the houses were still and quiet
and the neighborhood seemed to sparkle with lights radiating from all corners.
I breathed in the morning air,
it was as refreshing as I thought it would be.
It was such a beautiful dawn.
I closed my eyes and slouched.
I must have heard an unsettling sound
for it pulled me out of my reverie.
I opened my eyes, blinked once, twice,
then my eyes narrowed, trying to locate the sound.
I looked at the house adjoining mine, nothing.
I looked across the street, nothing.
I was just about concluding it’s all in my head when I noticed a silhouette in the alley bent over something or was it someone?
I heard the muffled cry again and
I knew instantly it was a female in distress.
With my senses fully alert and my body vibrating, I hurriedly threw on a pull over and rushed downstairs to get a knife 🔪.
My hand was already on the knob when I realized how foolish my venture was.
What if they were two or three?
I had seen just two people;
The attacker and the victim but I wasn’t taking any chances.
I alerted the security guards in my compound.
For the first time I was overwhelmed with gratitude that Dave, my fiancee  had insisted I hired security guards from Alliance Security International.
I had been reluctant but he wouldn’t budge.
He didn’t want me living alone.
In less than five minutes the security guards had apprehended the guy, actually they were two guys.
Pete, the security in charge was walking with the girl into the compound.
The fear in her eyes and her quaking body was so tangible it tugged at my heart.
I ran to meet them midway and held her.
She was so rigid in my arms, it scared the life out of me.
Just when I was about to release my grip on her, she clung to me and started to cry.
I rocked her and cried with her, while also trying to reassure her it was going to be alright.
What started out as a beautiful dawn was quickly turning to a nightmare.
Still, I was grateful that she was safe.
Locked in a soothing embrace, I looked up and saw the sun ☀ coming out and I whispered a prayer of gratitude to God because I knew that He had been watching over both of us!

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