Come As A Child!


Once I read in scripture
where Jesus talked about
coming to Him like a child.
A lot of us think we understand
this very simple statement
but we don’t, mostly.
I know this for a fact
because I also thought I understood.
I used to think



was a really complicated place
filled with people who didn’t
want anything good to happen to others.
I suspected the good in people.
I felt there were evil intentions
lurking beneath their smiling faces.
I guess I felt superior.
I felt like the heroine
who, of course could do no wrong
until I had a serious
fallout with a friend
who I obviously thought
I was morally superior to.
Later I realized I was
lacking in character as
she was since I let the
matter escalate to the point
that we couldn’t talk to each other.
Then I learnt


of coming as a child.
God expects us to come with
a simple heart,
an open mind and,
a willingness to learn.
I learnt that
I’m not superior to anyone
and that after all,
there is goodness in this world!

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