Be Positive!


Ever heard the saying,
“Sticks and stones may
break my bones but
words will never hurt?”
I don’t know of anything
more false than that.

I read that the 
power of life and death
lies in the tongue.
Again I read that he
who can tame his tongue
is a perfect man.
Loads of times we
say stuff without thinking.
We utter words without
stopping to consider
it’s effect on the listener.
The basic truth is,
you can’t give what
you don’t have.
If all you have
inside you is garbage,
your words will be
those of the misguided.
Jesus said its not what
goes into a man that
makes a man unclean.
It’s actually what comes
out of him that determines
the state of his heart.
Whether you realise it or not
your words can build or destroy.
it all depends on what
comes out of your mouth.
So fill your heart
with lots of good stuff
so your words are
seasoned with grace
and they help build others up!

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