To father and mother!


           This letter is to all mothers and fathers written on behalf of children all over the world.
      There’s this object in a mathematical set, it’s mostly plastic but that’s where it’s simplicity ends. It is filled with drawings and patterns of different shapes and sizes. As a kid, I couldn’t understand it’s function among the other objects in the mathematical set. I would look at it for awhile and toss it away when I got tired of trying to figure it out. It was just so complicated.                        Relationships between husbands and wives is somewhat like this instrument, they’re really complicated. The fact Is human beings are dynamic so each person comes into the marriage with his own baggage.                                                          It’s enough to deal with your own baggage but taking on another’s is almost, always undesirable. Marriage is a whole lot of work. I guess that’s why it’s for men and women, real mature minds.                                                                            These days I see a trend I and so many other kids aren’t pleased with. When the going gets tough, the couple resort to divorce; a very clean and easy escape. Cool, right?                                      No, not cool. We are kids, yeah but we see these things. You teach us the importance of family, and give us some form of stability only to take it away when you feel like it. That’s not cool at all. If we can’t trust you to honour your vows to each other, how do we take every other thing you’ve said at face value? How do we know and believe life is beautiful when our home is hell on earth?                                                                                        You see, it was real easy for me to toss out that object in the mathematical set because that is all it is, “an object”. Marriage however, is really important. It was instituted by God and it is to be honoured. It’s not some flimsy object you can toss away.

      It’s more than just one person or the both of you. Marriage is your commitment to each other, to us, kids and ultimately to God. If things aren’t working out, please get help.
            Whatever you do, please do not choose the clean and easy escape. Do not give up on each other. You have to hold on and keep fighting to make it work, same way you’ll fight to live or fight to keep that job.
     There’s so much immorality in this age, please give this generation something good to hold onto: “A family that triumphs”. We are counting on you.
                             Kids all over the world!

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