Come As A Child!

Once I read in scripture where Jesus talked about coming to Him like a child. A lot of us think we understand this very simple statement but we don’t, mostly. I know this for a fact because I also thought I understood. I used to think the world was a really complicated place filled with […]

Be Positive!

Ever heard the saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt?” I don’t know of anything more false than that. Once, I read that the  power of life and death lies in the tongue. Again I read that he who can tame his tongue is a perfect man. Loads of […]

Be Kind And Courageous!

Sometimes life doesn’t hand you pearls and roses. Sometimes all you get is sticks and stones. I was walking through the mall today and I saw parents shopping  with their kids in the stroller and I th ought to myself, “Every child deserves to have such a magical childhood“ Sadly not every kid enjoys the […]

To father and mother!

              This letter is to all mothers and fathers written on behalf of children all over the world.       There’s this object in a mathematical set, it’s mostly plastic but that’s where it’s simplicity ends. It is filled with drawings and patterns of different shapes and sizes. As a kid, I couldn’t understand it’s […]